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plastic injection molding machine




Mold parts by computer simulation for the overall optimization from the kinematics and dynamics, using a technology leader in the oblique arrangement of the five-point double toggle clamping mechanism, the template through finite element analysis, innovation and the hollow spherical structure of the head plate, plywood box bracket structure and templates Siamese ensure high rigidity and high reliability mold components, to achieve a smooth opening and closing of the mold clamping firm, while the oversized rod spacing, you can install a larger mold.


-Ramp-row five support-point double crank web structure mold board designed by the computer parameters optimizing
-Mechanism, electronic & hydraulic triple interlock safety protection function
-Sensitive low-voltage mold protection device
-Multiple hydraulic ejecting type




Injection unit use double- cylinder, double-guided support. Different screws are for customer's option and are able to meet molding requirement of a variety of plastic materials. The use of high-performance and low-speed torque directly drives hydraulic motors.


-The high-torque hydraulic motors offer a stable plasticizing capacity, high-precision electronic device position detection enable accurate measurement.
-Multi-level back-pressure of pre-plastic and pre-speed are computer-controlled, anti-drooling and automated auto purge.
-Expected to prevent cold-start function to ensure that the screw, barrel will not be harmed. Stability of the injection unit.
-With PID temperature control, precise temperature control of barrel.




Hydraulic unit consist of world famous brands oil pump and control valves with more outstanding performance of pressure supporting, Ensure effectively the machine accuracy, reliability, stability, and durability and low noise environmental features.


Energy saving: Standard with precision and energy saving servo power system,the output drive system is sensitively altered, according to the actual need of theplastic parts being produced, avoid energy waste. Depending on the plastic parts being produced and the material being processed, energy-saving ability can reach to 20%~80%.
Precision: Precise servo motor with precise internal gear pump, via a sensitive pressure sensor to feedback and become close-loop control, injection repeatability precision can reach to 3‰, highly improved product quality.
High speed: High response hydraulic circuit, high performance servo system, equipped with Imported controller, it requires only 0.05sec to reach the maximum power output, cycle time is substantially shortened, the efficiency is improved significantly.




-Special control the computer for plastic injection machine use, control and display relatively independent with high reliability.
-Technical parameters pre-setting and storage function.
-Parameters information protection function.
-Charging barrel temperature deviation automatic adjustment function .
-Abnormal alarm function.
-Front and back door emergency stop button.

-Robotic pincher interface.
-Cutting photoelectric switch.
-System hardware I/O detection function.
-Charging barrel temperature is controlled accurately by computer setting and PID closed-loop manner.
-Screen protection function, prolong the life of screen using.
-Full-enclosed electrical-controlled box, electrical components are neatly arranged, never interfere with each other.